White Label Technology. Available in various form-factors. TempCod is the first and only 24-hour x 7 Days intelligent white-label thermometer Temperature Patch, for both children and adults. The patch continuously measures temperature, senses and records changes, and sends alerts to Android, iOS or Windows-based mobile devices. This data can be stored locally or easily transferred to leading Cloud Storage solutions such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, Azure even Private Cloud storage, all according to your choice.

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We Help You Sense Changes in Real-Time!

Created to manage and keep track of the body’s movement and temperature, the Temperature Patch is tiny, flexible and wirelessly charged. It is easy to use and operate. Just apply the disposable sticker directly to the skin. The patch is designed to be positioned under the armpit and held in place using a medical grade self-adhesive manufactured by 3M. Once turned on, the patch connects to the Mircod reference mobile or Windows-based app via Bluetooth. The patch records the temperature and body movement of the patient and transfers the data to a smart device (mobile, tablet, PC). App settings selected by users/patients provide real-time alerts on any temperature changes. Seamless data transfers to other devices or up to the cloud are no problem.

The temperature tracking offered by Mircod is valuable to couples who are looking to get pregnant.  The app records a woman’s basal body temperature (BBT or BTP) while sleeping, with no interruptions. The app will notify couples of peak times to conceive. In addition to real-time alerts, the app can keep detailed records concerning menstrual cycles (approaching, length).


Form Factor

For Kids For Adult's

Real-Time Body Position and Temperature readings in just seconds. Eliminating the need to continually disturb or wake the patient. Real Time activity alerts.

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Patch options

Patch options

Create your own custom art work for any smart device based on reference application provided by Mircod.

Custom shape for your own product due to tiny PCB size.

Create your own product form factor based on the reference PCB provided by Mircod.


OTA updates for all devices. Multiple devices can be managed from one Android or iOS device.


Nine degree of freedom. Gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and more.... State of the Art electronics design - veriety of different use case scenarios.