How does it work?
What do i get?
What can i use it for?
The technical specifications, please?

How does it work?

  • Detach the 3M adhesive film from the rechargable or disposable WisePatch™ temperature module.
  • Apply the patch to your body, to your child or the patient. Everyone knows how an adhesive bandage works!
  • Get immediate temperature data on your mobilephone. WisePatch™ monitors body position and temperature continuously and wirelessly, for as long as you need it.

What do i get?


  • WisePatch reference design sample
  • Charging adapter with cables
  • SDK / API
  • User manual

What can i use it for?

Children and Adults:

First white labeled electronics device with reference application focusing on empowering people and providing them with peace of mind when it comes to their parents, children’s or other family member health. We know that the last thing a mom or dad wants to do to their children is wake them up at night once they’ve fallen asleep. Now parents can receive alerts on their smartphone when their child’s temperature begins to rise so that they can take treat them immediately.

The patch also provides with the real-time body position monitoring and daily activity statistics.

Tracking for Female Ovulation:

Women who are looking to increase their chances of becoming pregnant oftentimes monitor their basal body temperature to help track ovulation. In order to optimize opportunity of conception, pinpointing ovulation can be key. WisePatch allows you to track trends over time, it can help women determine the best times of the month to conceive. The patch can also provide OB/GYNs with important information that can help them provide women who are trying to conceive with personalized healthcare solutions.

Professional Healthcare Service Providers:

Hospitals can save valuable time and money by implementing Mircod’s technology. No longer will nurses have to walk around to each patient’s room to regularly take temperature readings with conventional thermometers or identify the physical activity and body patient body position; now one individual can monitor any number of patients at a time using a single smart device. Mircod technology cut’s the labor costs and resource allocation significantly. In addition, TempCod is perfect for post-operative care, when patients must monitor for sudden changes in temperature. Patients can take a TempCod home and simultaneously track their temperature with a healthcare service provider to help prevent dangerous post-op complications.

The technical specifications, please?

Syncing and Pairing: 

  • Data transfer: via Bluetooth ® Smart
  • Phone compatibility: iPhone 5s+ | iOS 8.1+ | Android 4.4 +

Technical Data:

  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F) within the range of 32.4°C – 42.9°C (90.3°F – 109.2°F)
  • Measurement range: 32.4°C – 42.9°C /90.3°F -109.2°F
  • Operating environment: 10.0°C – 40.0°C (50.0°F – 104.0°F) with a relative humidity of 20% – 85%

Power Source:

  • Available in Disposable and Reusable editions
  • Wireless charging (Optional) or Battery operated (CR -2032) or USB type charger


  • Color: Any color – Any custom design
  • Dimensions: 100mm(L) x 20mm(W) x10mm(D)
  • Net. Weight: 28.6g

User Experience:

  • Speed of measurements: 2-second measurement
  • Switch to Celsius & Fahrenheit: Yes
  • Any smartphone and operating system: Yes
  • Comfortable for all ages: Yes
  • Standalone device: Yes